Thursday, 7 May 2015

Sick Day:(

So unfortunately I'm having another sick day, I've not really been feeling well for the last couple of months.
And been the busy bee that I am I absolutely hate been sick, you feel awful, bored, and lonely, and it just really gets me down. 

But since I don't like to be in a bad mood, as it only makes you feel worse, I like to stay positive, so I thought I'd write some little tips on how to make a sick day suck less...

Its a sick day tradition,
that is unless your throwing up

TV & Netflix
binge watch a new series, or watch some new movies or your old favourites.

Its an excuse to wear pajamas all day:)

Its a chance to catch up on that Book you've been reading, or picking up one up!
Maybe try listening to an audio book if you don't feel up to reading.

Blog about it or write in a diary

Catch up on social media

Get a friend to pick you up some magazines

Take it easy, when your sick its your body's way of telling you, you need rest, so take a cat nap, or have a hot bubble bath.

Play a game
It will keep you occupied for an hour or so.

Snuggle with your pets if you have any, or just snuggle up under your covers.

Drink some tea 

If your up to eating, enjoy one of your fave snacks 

Paint your nails
Finally you'll have the chance to actually wait for them to dry!

Listen to music

Watch you tube videos
especially silly one's they always cheer me up

Read blogs 
Especially mine:)

I know sick days suck, and can be lonely, since everyone's at work or keeping away from you so they don't catch it, but you can also try to make them a little better, by keeping positive. 
I hope your all well and, I am sorry if your feeling sick hope you get better soon:) 
If you have any things/ideas that you like to do to cheer yourself up on a sick day let me know in the comments below?

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