Thursday, 7 May 2015

Side Effects of Bulimia

I am not trying to scare you, but these side effects really should scare you!
I know how difficult it is to conquer Bulimia But if you really put your mind to it, and get the support you need you can do it!
Here are some of the side effects that Bulimia can cause...

Tooth decay
Constant, induced vomiting,causes the enamel to wear off your teeth due to the acid from your stomach.

Weight gain
Although many often mistake that eating disorders cause weight loss, overtime bulimia can cause weight gain, as although your purging your still taking in around 40% of the calories.

Dry skin
If your not taking caring of your body on the inside it will show on the outside.

Metabolic damage
Overtime bulimia causes metabolic damage, due to drastic binging and then starving, which forces your body to go into starvation mode and store all the fat, when you actually do eat.

Probably the scariest on the list, Eating disorders are a very serious condition, and can and have taken lives.
There is also a high suicide rate in Bulimia nervosa.

Puffy face
Due the swelling of the glands and lymph's from purging.

Obviously when your starving your body all the time of nutrients, It doesn't have the energy to keep going.

Heart attack
When you don't take in enough calories, and abuse your body, it is very difficult for your body to function properly, this can lead to low blood pressure, and an irregular heart beat.

Damaged digestion - bloating, constipation
As overtime due to constant vomiting, your body forgets how to function properly and digest food, this generally happens for a period of time, during recovery, one of the main reasons bulimics often relapse. 

Sore throat
Due to induced vomiting, it can also damage your vocal cords.

Swelling of hands and feet
Due to water retention.

Hair loss
Due to the stress on your body, and not getting any nutrition.

Depression & anxiety
Unfortunately these tend to come as a package deal in eating disorders.

Unable to reproduce
This is not always the case, but even after recovery you may find it difficult to conceive.

Usually stomach or esophageal cancer.

I know this probably wasn't the nicest post, but I do think its important that we are aware of the damage that Bulimia can cause.
And that it will push you to get the help that you deserve!

Take care
xx Liberty

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