Monday, 1 June 2015

The Life of Someone with Depression...

Having been through depression myself, and still suffering with it today (however it is a lot better)
I wanted to give an insight into what its like in the mind/life of someone with depression.

Waking up can be a struggle..
You feel like you have nothing to wake up for,
Your extremely tired, physically and mentally, even though you had plenty of sleep.
You just want to pull the covers back over your head, and sleep for the rest of the day, or forever.

You wake up to your whole place a mess
There's dirty pots, clothes, rubbish everywhere, and you haven't vacumed in weeks.

You don't bother with your appearance
You don't even care about showering or brushing your teeth, such a simple task seems impossible.

Your forgetting to eat, or binge eating like crazy.
Most likely you haven't left the house in weeks, unless it was to buy Binge food or Alcohol, that's another thing your probably drinking more than ever to try and numb your emotions and escape the pain.

You can no longer function properly at work or school, or you've had to give up your Job entirely.
You've lost interest in everything, even the things you once loved.

You've become extremely isolated
You've stopped socializing and haven't been in touch with Family or friends in so long.

Everything upsets you
Your constantly, crying, worrying, and your Anxiety is off the charts.

You feel so alone, worthless,
That nobody cares about you, that your a waste of space.
You feel guilty and ashamed, that your being lazy, when really its just Depression
taking over you.
You feel like everyone's moving forwards, but your stepping backwards, further and further in to total Darkness.

If you are suffering with Depression I am truly sorry, And if you ever want to talk I am here.
Also check out my post on How to deal with Depression, you may find it useful.
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  1. Right on the nose, unfortunately. Thanks for being brave and sharing.

  2. I can relate to this so well. Thank you so much for posting this X

    1. I am sorry to hear that, Your welcome, wish you all the best stay strong! xo