Saturday, 11 February 2017

Update 'Surgery' 'Endometriosis'

So I've finally decided to do a little update after being away from blogging for so long.
I just really haven't felt like blogging in a while, what with being so ill, and i just kind of felt like i wanted to be more private, after being so open on my blog about everything in my life, i felt maybe i was being a little too open.
But at the end of the day the whole reason i started my blog was so i could connect with others who are going through similar things and hopefully help others too.

I know my last post was rather depressing and that was another reason i no longer want to blog because even though i am feeling so bad, i don't want to make others feel bad too, and I want to try and be somewhat positive which is difficult when your dealing with such complex problems and illness.

Anyway in my last post i wrote about how I was on the waiting list to have surgery a laparoscopy to remove Endometriosis, and I've finally had the surgery!
Its being a month now since my Op, however unfortunately I am still not feeling any better and I am still suffering from the severe chronic pain in my stomach as before.
During the laparoscopy they found a lot of Endometriosis (Stage 3) which they removed all of it and I am now using a hormonal treatment to help prevent the Endometriosis from growing back as it is a chronic illness.

I was relieved to finally find out what was wrong with me and why I was experiencing all this pain, however at the same time I am disappointed with the diagnosis, because Endometriosis is such a horrible condition that is incurable and is likely to come back and causes so many problems, not just the pain and chronic fatigue but also infertility, so I really hoped that it wasn't going to be Endo.

As i said since my surgery I am unfortunately still not better I just had my menstrual cycle and I was still in the same severe pain as before the endo was removed and I am still suffering everyday with my bowels, I have spent the last month bed bound with a hot water bottle strapped to my stomach.

I was just hoping that after going through the surgery i would have some relief and finally be able to start a life for myself but I am still stuck back in the same place.
So its back to the doctor for me to see what they can do, I just really hope that i can at least have some relief from this awful pain.

Anyway I don't want to dwell on it too much because I know its not the most positive post but it is my life,
To anyone out there suffering with Endometriosis and other Chronic illness's I am truly sorry and I want to let you know just how strong you are!

Hopefully I will be back soon with some more positive posts!

Hope your having a Lovely weekend! 



  1. Hi Lib., I was so happy to see you post! I am so very sorry the surgery didn't seem to help, after all you went through to go with it, I hope after time, it does help! P[lease take care of you! And please p[ost how you are doping.......if you want to snail mail;. let me know! Sending so much love,, tracy

  2. PS I found out i have Sclermederma that makes my hands swell big time and "attacks"
    my liver...oh what fun!@ We really need to stay in touch love to you!@

    1. I am so sorry to hear that, hope your doing ok? well as ok as you can be.
      Yes definiteley keep in touch you can email me at :
      Take care x

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