Monday, 24 July 2017

Do you really choose your own Happiness? #Abusesurvivors

One thing that really irks me as a child abuse survivor, is when people always say things like 'you controll your own happiness'. Whilst to some extent this is true. 
These words are generally coming from someone who was given unconditional love as a child, and still now as an adult. 
People who have family and friends in their life who love and support them no matter what. 

For us victims of abuse it's not like that we were never shown love, in fact the opposite we were taught self hatred and how we didn't deserve love. 
Our needs were neglected, and we were punished and abused emotionally and physically on a daily basis. 
Ofcourse we don't know how to be happy we don't know what 'happy' means. 

Most of us were and are alone in life so unlike regular people we can't call up a family member or friend when we need support, because we don't have anyone in life who cares enough about us. 

People don't seem to understand that us abuse victims were never taught vital lessons like how to socialize, how to self care and how to manage stress. 
Those things are learnt at a very early age when the brain is still developing. 

So no you don't decide your own happiness most of you are happy because of the love you received from parents!

Don't really know what this was supposed to be about my thoughts I guess and trying to make others more aware of why child abuse victims struggle so much. 

Hope your having a good day! 


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